Get Nasty: Volume 1

by Nasty Promotions

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released June 13, 2012

All credit for art work goes to Michael May of Peace of Mind Creative.
All credit for the tracks provided goes to each band and each individual member in the bands.
The credit for recording, production, mastering, etc of each track goes to the respected parties involved. I would gladly add any missing credit info to each of these tracks provided the bands send it to me VIA email at

We were honored to be given the permission from each band to use their music. Not for financial gain. No money involved. We simply want your music to be heard, and pushed further. We hope you enjoy this FREE compilation!

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Nasty Promotions Massachusetts

This is a FREE compilation comprised of some of the hottest and heaviest tracks from some really great local bands that work hard and deserve to be heard. Download for FREE today! Put it on your mp3 players. Rip it to a cd. Share it with a friend!
We will be working on eventually getting them pressed physically to hand out at shows!
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Track Name: Neighbors - Theres Something About Phil (Feat Mike Palumbo)
There's Something About Phil (featuring Mike Palumbo)

Don't let this world get to you.
It will feed your brain with disgust.
Penetrating our heads with shards of glass.

But I try not to let society disappoint me.
Once our warden is defeated, my shackles unlock toward freedom.

The price of his hate turned him into something worse than his cellmate.
All we can do is love.

When all you do is take, it's like slipping your hand into a vice.
With this i say, "I gave you my best advice, as you turned it down more than twice."

He says it all, "I cannot listen to a lad that had half of the life that I've had."
But little does he know, it's not the age that matters, but it's the heart that resides in it.

That dark place you were in kept digging deep under your skin.
Why do you dwell so much on death?
When we all have this life in common.
I'm sorry that you didn't feel when I wanted to heal.

Hauntings from past darkness will never scrape our future brightness.
Track Name: Welcome The Tide - Hospice
A sudden flash in front of my eyes
Walking towards the light
Is this really the end of my life?

It was a hell of a ride...

When you meet your maker,
What will you say?
Follow me into my epiphany

Now I was never a saint
I was a sinful man
I make no apologies for who I am

I've lived my life
With no regrets
Prove me wrong if you're the better man

I asked for forgiveness
I asked for a sign
And you gave me nothing
So why should I beg at your feet at the end of my fucking life

I owe nothing to you

What the fuck is heaven worth, when I have lived through hell?
Track Name: AnomiA - Transitions
When i first started id stare into the horizon line
squinting my eyes i swear i could see the end of my time
but as we keep moving on it seems that i was wrong
the road ahead grows long
i said that im never scared but i also said that i would never lie
for some reason i always feel like its my last chance to say good bye
but i've come to realize that this is not my time
cancers will kill slowly but in the end it all seems just like a dream
repetition is the enemy so i dont mind when i lost everything
i look forward to climbing to the top
i swear one day this peasant will be king
do you feel the energy expanding inside of me pushing itself thru my skin
if i had the chance to make you believe
i would say that i am completely horrified because life is going through such changes
but i'll have to keep it all inside
and just let the transitions ride out through the phases
things come and they go, where they will stop no one knows
but i hope your right beside me
Do you feel the energy expanding inside of me
Forget the past i've been there i've done that
its my time
forget the past i've been there i've done that
its our time
Track Name: Imagine The Escape - Fatalities
You’ve shown me a side of you
I thought I’d never see AGAIN
after the first time
I should’ve seen this coming
You’ve proved me wrong again

How can you speak to me?
And you feel like there is nothing between us
How can you look me in the eyes?
Like nothing’s wrong

This time I wont prejudge
Your actions or your faithfulness
You’ve shattered my trust
You’ve destroyed what once existed

What once existed

And you feel like there is nothing between us

Nothing at all
You’re blind
Or choosing not to see
Not to see your mistakes

So run from them and follow me
‘Cause I know where I’m going

Now the walls fall down
Now the walls fall down

Fatalities weigh upon you
Like you’ve never known before
They weigh upon you
Like you’ve never known before

Now the walls fall down
Your fatalities uproot everything
You’ve proved me wrong